TOPICS to be Covered :

  • » Understanding of schematics Diagram on the live practical Motherboard and its important Voltage and signals.
  • » BIOS ME region Cleaning including CSME & TXE region (6th, 7th, 8th, 9th gen).
  • » ALL CHARGING IC's ( Bq24725/Bq24707A ,Bq24735 Bq24745, Bq24751etc) working, Internal logic, Schematics and Troubleshooting of various Charging problem.
  • » ALL 3.3/5 V Buck regulator IC's (TPS51225 TPS51223, RT8205A/B/C, RT8206A/B, NB670 etc.) working , internal logic, schematics and Troubleshooting .
  • » Power-On sequence of ALL generations With SOC(system on chip) Structure Motherboard. With different states (S0, S3, S4, S5, G2, G3).
  • » Feedback voltage, MODE, TRIP, I2C, SMBus, LPC, PCI Signal functions Logic.
  • » Various sections including S/B section, Charging section, RTC section, VGA CORE section, RAM section, LVDS section etc Signal, Voltage CLOCK and DATA    description .
  • » All signals working in schematics e.g - PLTRST#, RSMRST#, VCCRTC, SRTRST#, RTC SUSCLK, X1 & X2, INTRUDER#, INTVRMEN, SYS_ON, RUN_ON, DDR_PWR_OK, VGA_OK,    S_PGOOD, RAMRST, SUSP#, 51ON etc.
  • » Switching of OP-Amp (Comparator), Diode, MOSFET( E-MOS, D-MOS, C-MOS), Transistor (BJT), in schematics.
  • » Graphic to non-graphic conversion and ASUS onboard RAM disable method.
  • » Learn the concept and be an EXPERT don't opt for HIT and TRIAL.

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